Welcome to Mamaia

Mamaia – the largest and most famous resort in Romania, located in the northern part of Constanta, also called the Pearl of the Romanian Seaside, is a strip of fine sandy beach that stretches over a length of about 8 km. On the west side of it is Siutghiol Lake.

The marine breeze permanently refresh the hot air. Natural cleansing factors are the exciting marine climate, saline aerosols, solar radiation and sea water.

The Siutghiol lake offers the opportunity to practice water sports or sail rides to “Ovidiu Island”.

In Mamaia resort you can enjoy the aqua park “Aqua Magic”, at the entrance of the resort, a gondola ride, where from you can admire the sea and the resort from the entrance to the Casino, parachuting, diving, windsurfing and Yachting School, inflatable banana towage, water scooters, recreation with Catamaran and Caravelle sailing boats in the 8 recreational facilities.

When the sun sets into Mamaia, the resort begins to vibrate. Nightclubs, clubs and concerts are some of the things that turn the resort into one of the most visited places on the Black Sea. Clubs in Mamaia are the taste of any entertainment lover. Alert rhythms, swimming pools, live concerts and good music are the ingredients for a nightlife that you will never forget and for which you will surely come back.

Night clubs are part of the tourist attractions of Mamaia resort. Outdoors or covered, with house or pop music, here you will surely find a club to your liking.

The LOFT Club is located in the north of Mamaia, right next to the NYOTA Hotel, a place with a naval theme and an Italian style where daytime parties gather hundreds, sometimes even thousands of participants.