NYOTA restaurant is where you start your day with a good breakfast and a coffee or a glass of Prosecco and end up with a dinner on the edge of the pool and a glass of wine collection.

The restaurant has 45 seats indoors and 50 seats on the terrace. The terrace has a cover and closure system turning the restaurant into a 90-100 seat for corporate events or anniversary parties.

The a la carte menu is based on healthy food: salads, grills, fish and seafood, but also has a special section for those who want to enjoy a special treat.

For corporate events, birthday parties, we also have a 70-seat terrace on the top floor of the hotel overlooking Lake Siutghiol that will offer the uniqueness of your event. The menu type on this terrace can be just a buffet.

Do you have a business meeting or the summer sun is too strong? In the Caffe bar in the lobby, you can enjoy a tea or coffee while checking out the mail or signing up for a new business.

For those who, for various reasons, want to serve in the room, the room-service is non-stop and the menu contains some basic dishes and desserts.

We have brought the desire, ambition and creativity of a young team of chefs and waiters, seasoned them with a holiday environment, added musical relaxation ingredients and blended them into an ideal mix of food and atmosphere that makes Nyota restaurant to be searched from the beginning of the day to the end of it.